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Kate Moody
17 April 2012 @ 01:56 am
This one's also for my hun-bun.
It's the flipside, bitch.

Every morning that you wake
with a hard on and his name
on your lips and cum all over your...
Super Mario sheets,
just remember what you told him
when he asked if you would own him:
“Baby lamb, this lion's not one for tender meat”.

You're a fool, but you know that.
You could have had him in the sack,

but instead you pushed him out
with your hairy hobbit feet.

And I'll laugh and point and stare;
call you bland and unaware,
but in reality, I could thank you on my knees.
Cause after all is said and done,

and after all the clothing's gone...

I'll be the one shining his floor with my knees.

© MoodilyLit, 2011
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Kate Moody
17 April 2012 @ 01:23 am
This one's inspired by and for lealpotter.
Darling, enjoy.

Why did I not hit that?
He was begging all the while he was with me.
He sauntered and he prowled,
but I did not see at all
for blind and idiotic I had been.

Penguin fur was all I'd see,
not the wolf in your smile
or the lion in your roar;
shoot me, for I was thicker than a boar.

But I see clearly now, now I see it all.
Not just your brilliance and your charm,
but your ass, thighs and arms
as you wrap them around him,
I see what could have been.

And as I lay here in my bed,
all alone save for my hand,
I tell myself once and again:
“It was better to have loved you,
even though I did not fuck you”
But we both know that's just bullshit in the end.

© MoodilyLit, 2011
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Kate Moody
17 November 2011 @ 01:02 am

Tell me everything you feel and let yourself go.
Don't tell me what you think I should hear, though.
Empty words are such a sad sight to see.
That won't do, so just talk and be free.

Talk to me, tell me everything you know.
Don't leave a topic untouched or a word unsaid.
Because all that comes out of your mouth, my dear,
makes me fall in love with your mind all over again.

Make me wonder at your mouth, what she says.
Make me marvel at your eyes, what they see.
Make me cry out at your hands, what they make.
Make me yours and take from me all you'll ever need.

You're a beauty of math and design,
of a clean cut and chaotic mind.
You walk a path mapped out in equations
but do so in a
rhythm, colourful and abstract.

You are something new, an experimental thing.
the fundamental change in things yet to be.
You are the exception to every law science once wrote,
Time stops when you smile and speeds up when you dream.

© MoodilyLit, 2011
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Kate Moody
13 November 2011 @ 10:19 pm
So, today I woke up with 50 Cent's "In Da Club" stuck on my mind.
It was the "Hey shorty! It's yo birthday. We gonna party like -It's yo birthday!" over and over and over again.

And keeping up with the rap theme, I made this itty-bitty my bitch today!

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Kate Moody
13 September 2011 @ 10:08 pm

Tell me who you are and I
will look you in the eye and see
who you really are and who
you really ought to be.

This thing we have when we
talk not using words is

part of who we are, you see
'cause you and I are one.

One head, one mind, one entity.

One life, one song, one family tree.
Together we are part of "us" and of "we"
'cause we could never be a "you" and a "me".

I take your hand and you fallow me
no words exchanged but a promise is made.
To be forever "us" and "we",
to spend a life as a single entity.

© MoodilyLit, 2011
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Fear & Loathing
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Kate Moody
12 September 2011 @ 11:08 pm
That second, the one right before you wake up, the one where dreams seam all the more vivid and real because they start blending in with our reality.

Do you know which one I mean?

That second where all your make believe feels like a memory that can be looked up in your diary or in your planner.

That second that is so precious, because as soon as you wake it starts rapidly slipping away, like fine sand through your fingers.

That second I feel more alive than all the other hours and minutes and spare seconds in the day. In that second I am happy, sometimes terrified, sometimes wishful or fulfilled or blue, but be as it may and feel what I feel, I feel it all the more intensely.

I wish I could live in that second forever, but I'd trade many things for it to last at least an hour.

I'd be an hour that would last for three, like taking a nap in the beach feels like sleeping for days. The vividness and clarity of my dream-hour would be like the mesmerizing sound of the waves upon my mind.

And if I should wake, and I hope that I will, I'll wake a different person, for I have dreamed my life in an hour.

© MoodilyLit, 2011
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Kate Moody
22 August 2011 @ 04:31 am

We are all that is good.

We are the thing of nightmares.

We are bloody and we are beautiful.

We are brilliant and we are devastating.

We are peaceful war. We are chaotic order.

We are redemption. We are fallen from grace.

We are all that is left. We are all that has ever been.

We are the children of the Earth. We are the mother of all.

© MoodilyLit, 2010
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Kate Moody
03 September 2010 @ 07:51 pm

Many places I have gone
and many things that I have done,
led me where I stand
a place my heart and soul can stay.
Time goes by
without the slightest care,
making my mind worse
for wear.
My thoughts and plans are torn asunder
by a thought that strikes like tunder,

© MoodilyLit, 2010
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Kate Moody
03 September 2010 @ 05:56 pm

Close your eyes, say goodbye to everything you thought was right.

Count to ten, leave your bed, leave everything behind.

There's a place where my words are norm.

There's a place where
thoughts can roam.

In your head, nothings left unsaid.

Fall into never-was' and never-will-be's.

Nothings twisted, just unturned.

Unmask wild desires.

Fly away.


© MoodilyLit, 2010

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Kate Moody
02 April 2010 @ 02:03 am

Beholder's eyes that see the light of morning come anew.

See the things that once were but now aren't.

Sing the songs that make sprouts come alive.

Tell the bees to make honey new.

The birds sing to a new dawn.

The dew comes once again.

Joyfully absent winter chill.

Makes spring bloom.

Ripe, full,


© MoodilyLit, 2010

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